A virus attack on home computers these days is actually more of a rare occurrence than it used to be. A virus will easily infect a computer, if that computer has no anti virus protection or a very new type of infection is released on the internet, then picked up by your unprotected computer.

Unless a virus is detected by software designed to find such, one doesn’t know that their computer is infected until strange events start to occur. These types of events show how computer irregularity may be picked up so that you can identify a behavior that points to a virus infection.

• Program or more than one program may take an unusual amount of time to start
• A program may refuse to start at all
• A program may not behave in a normal manner
• If not connected the internet may not connect when you attempt a connection
• Anti virus or anti malware programs may refuse to start or operate
• Your email program refuses to operate or may send messages of its own accord.
• Computer may continually close down and restart without your intervention
• The computer may take an unusual amount of time to perform any function

To ensure no further damage is to occur, it is best not operate the computer any further. Ensure you are not connected to the internet as well; otherwise you may infect other computers or your own with more infections.

Options to ensure a return to normal operation may involve running one anti-virus program and multiple anti-malware software one after another with full scans after restarting a computer in safe mode.

Alternatively, you may need to seek the services of a computer professional or technician to ensure complete removal and to save time and future costs. If you get to a point where a complete re-installation of your operating system is required, if you have not backed up your precious data, the loss of data is incalculable.